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Summary of prices

This page gives a simple summary of our offerings Please look at the other drop down boxes on Prices & Programmes for further details of the treatments/ prices.

Standard Prices
-First Session (70 minutes) - 89
-Standard subsequent Sessions (60 minutes) - 69
-Deluxe subsequent session: 70 minutes- 89; or 85minutes 108)
-No frills subsequent session (45 minutes - 50)

Special Packages -giving great savings on the standard prices
-Detox package 1 - 172 for 3 treatments (60 min each) Save 35.
-Detox 2 - 276 for 5 treatments (60 minutes each) Save 84
-Annual maintenance Package (AMP)- 500 for 10 treatments     save  230
-The Magnesium Colonics Cleanse (Mg Col Cleanse)
8 treatments  850; 5 treatments 675; 3 treatments 410;

All Packages are for one-person use.

Additional Services    
-For the colon: Herb enemas .No charge for their use in standard price or package deal treatments. Charged at 10, if required, on promotional offers (discounted prices).                                                                                                              
-To release liver toxicity: coffee implant (retention) enemas 20 for organic black ground coffee / 35 for special organic unroasted green coffee.                                  
-For hydrating the colon & for leaky gut/ inflammation: Flaxseed tea retention implants 40.  
-Restoration of gut flora: probiotic high strength retention implants 20.                                                                            
-For gas and bloating: Garlic enema implant: 20.The price for all implants except for the herbs enema include an increase in the session time of approx. 15 minutes.
-Probiotic capsules: Capsules available for purchase 10/ 20 (maintenance strength / high strength)

MASSAGE (AbdM)                                                                                                                        
-Pre-colonic abdominal massage c15 minutes 25
Out of hours appointments fee 7.

Cancellation and Rescheduling Policy
-Less than 24 hours notice, no refund or rescheduling.
-Give 24 -95 hours notice to reschedule appointment one time only.
-Give 96 hours or longer notice, and you may reschedule an appointment a maximum of 2 times.
-Refunds are given, less a 15 pound admin fee, if 24 hours or more notice is given.